F a u x : p a s t r y

[Meine wohnung | Trier]

Firstly I just want to inform that I have become victim to my first ‘breakfast cereal’ related injury… cereal killer! …What happened? THIS is what happened… I was innocently crushing the bastard into my cup for a layered banana & yoghurt number when the CEREAL KILLER decided to cut me. Teeny, tiny, iddy bitty stabs.

Secondly, it is sooooooo effing cold that I just want to wrap myself up in a doona, gaffa tape it, make sure I have a pee exit and a breathing exit and sit eating croissants and hot chocolate. I’m a bit apprehensive about the onset of freezing coldness… I think I’ve pointed this out on numerous occasion, but just in case you’re not stalkblogging me and haven’t read EVERY single entry… thought I might reitterate.

Thirdly [yes, Im going to count every paragraph….] this entry was from a few weeks ago, but Ive had a lot on [pilates dance workout and MAYBE a whole season of housewives NYC…just MAYBE].

I was scourging inside around my spacious head for an idea for what to call this. You see I often will make ‘debuts’ with food…which end up being ‘one hit wonders’. Not that its really Peter andre, more like OMC…wait they’re both shitty… ok, you get my drift.[I can not confirm or deny if I have a single from OMC…how bizzarre…] Anyway, I basically make it once, then I dont know what I did so cant really have a repeat performance. haha!

Anyboob, its kinda like pastry….but not.

And so, without further bloggy diarrhoea, may I present… ‘FAUX PASTRY’ [I’m sooo creative!!!!] *giggles*

Essentially, I took the second half of a ‘puro’ or ‘parisian’ or a fat baggette and stuffed it until it basically nearly shat its pants.! [oh wait, I should prolly mention that that emptied out the sides first. Disembowled baby!!!] Then I stuffed it with pan fried yummies, slathered the top of the bread in olive oil and oven it until golden and your drooling!.

Slice big chunks to serve with fresh tomatoes and gouda.

Fairy dust with little tiny worms of parmigiana,  watch them dance and squirm from the heat and voila! Bob’s your uncle.

It was surprisingly yummy and very crunchy on the outershell…I thought the insides would cause it to get soggy, but no -delish! Make sure you cut into big slices, otherwise it tends to crumble and fumble around.

So lastly, we’re heading to Barcelona for a few days and I hope to bring you more spanish delights next week. So yummy you’ll want to lick the screen! holaaaa!

. . .

Tastefully yours,

. . .


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