Bernkastel-Kues vs Beilstein

Welcome to Bernkastel Kues, a famous winegrowing town located on the ‘middle mosel’ in the Bernkastel-Wittlich district in Rhinland-Palatinate.

The beautiful view of the rolling hills/river and architecture takes your breath away. Even on the cold, windy day we graced Bernkastel-Kues with our presence, we could still appreciate the beauty of the near perfect German scenery.[apologies for the quality of the photos]

We ducked into the warmth of Cafe Hansen in Kues for a very healthy breakfast of Apple strudel and Butter cake…. ‘healthy’ :), we then made our merry way to a small town by the name of Beilstein where we indulged in the fairy tale town’s warmth and cosy hospitality.

[Cafe Hansen, Bernkastel Kues]

It was freezing!! so we decided to swim through the sea of ‘jack wolfskin’ wearers and tuck ourselves away into cafe Hansen.

We shared an apfel strudel mit sahne und vanilleeis [apple strudel with cream & icecream] …. simply dreamy, creamy and full of tasty bad things for your body 🙂

Followed by fluffy ‘butterkuchen’ encrusted with toasted, shaved almonds and dusted lightly with melt-in-your-mouth icing sugar 🙂 aka fairy dust!! 🙂

Hot chocolate to wash it all down…. I was in HEAVEN!!!! sugar, sugar and MORE sugar… sooo bad, but soooo good. ♥

[Winzerschenke, Beilstein]

For lunch we located a gorgeous fairytale village called Beilstein, and there nestled in the heart of the town was the warmth of a Family run inn/restaurant.

We tried the local ‘spaetburgander’ – aka Pinot noir, which happened to be a speciality from winery literally down the road.

so good in fact, that we bought a couple of bottles for home, and maybe a sneaky bottle of the local riesling.

Lunch wasn’t anything to sing and dance about, but it was warm and cosy and made with love.

I had the potatoes with onion rings with warm brie. [I was fooled into thinking it was ACTUALLY like hungry jacks onion rings hahah!!…they were in fact RAW RINGS OF ONION…. FAIL! hahha]

Sausages on a bed of pan-fried potatoes with ham.

Lunch wasn’t amazing, but I would go back as the service was delightful, helpful and warm in more ways than one. Which is better…bad food/good service or good food/bad service….
Bernkastel-Kues really needs more than a few hours to explore, but from what we saw it was enchanting and full of life, Beilstein on the other hand can be walked through within the hour, an enchanting fairytale hour at that.

. . .

Tastefully yours,

. . .


R a i n b o w s : i n : m y : t u m m y

[ Trier und Luxembourg city]

I turned another year older last month, but may in Trier was so cold and unfriendly I wanted to be a June baby (only in the northern hemisphere) and so I moved my bday a month later just to mix things up a bit. 🙂 It’s just the way I roll. 😉

I spend way too much of my time (awake and alseep) thinking about food and all it’s glory, but often I think about what these so called ‘non-food’ items would taste like.

From time to time, I flirt with the idea-resulting quite unsuccessfully…

But seriously, another universe away trees might be edible- like chocolate stumps with peppermint icing….and/or fluffly cloud flavoured fairy floss…. Gnom gnom gnom…. 🙂

Wow… What a wonderfully diabetic world that would be. I wonder if mr w.wonka came from a world just like that?

( pause to drool )…

Sooo, in the spirit if all things edible and bday related, Paul picked out all the colours of the rainbow from a little macaroon place in Luxembourg for a tastebud tickling sensation… in my mouth!!

I truly believe if rainbows were edible, they would taste just like these….. simultaneously soft & lightly crunchy exterier, creammmmmmy and decadent filled centre and a colourful treat for your visual senses.

(Red and yellow and pink and greeen, purple and orange and bluuuuuuue….)

Tastefully yours,