Polished it all off.

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[Borsch Vodka and tears, 173 Chapel St Windsor]

tel: (03) 9530 2694

Boasting more than 50 different types of vodka, this Polish Vodka bar and restaurant offers the best of the southside of Chapel street in a perfectly polish themed destination.

Whether you are a vodka fan or not, I’m postive either one of the following will win you over: Vibe, knowledgable friendly staff and amazing food – the kind of food that would give your grandma a run for her money!

We tried some flavoured vodka, some clear vodka and some truly amazing homely food.

Ang ordered “beetroot soup”…. I was dubious about this as I’ve never heard of it before, and couldn’t get the taste of canned beetroot soaking through bread out of my mind.

We were in for a surprise!

First, the colour was amazing and vibrant, and the aroma of the soup was overpoweringly goooood!

Most importantly, the taste was amazing. It was light and full of beetroot flavour, but not in a canned way.

Laura ordered Goulash, which was again amazing…. moorish, and full of flavour.

And I ordered a Polish style gnocci in broth which was also out of this world.

We had polished it all off in true Polish style, and sat back to enjoy the warmth of the food and vodka as we caught up on each-others lives.

(Yes, I have a tendency to add ‘non breakfasty’ type entries… In my defence however, I really think breakfast can be enjoyed many ways including last night’s leftovers or a traditionally ‘lunch type’ food. Breakfast is what you make it. Technically the first meal of the day, and I would be more than happy to enjoy a warm hearty soup some melbourne mornings 🙂 )

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Tastefully yours,

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Zuppa : the answer to the common soup…

[zuppa, Trier]

As the autumn weather starts to kick in, or rather full steam ahead… and the colder climate starts to dominate, there is nothing more delicious than ducking into to the local soup cafe for some interesting and hearty homestyle soup options.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and very German [clean and organised]

The soups change everyday, depending on what ingredients are available and what mood the chef is in I guess :).. there didn’t seem to be a clear ‘theme’. One thing is for certain, there are about 6 soups on offer daily, and they are always going to sell out!!! fast!

I had bumped into Dili in the innenstadt and we decided to try this new soup place…
The moment we stepped foot, we enjoyed the warmth that filled our bodies and souls with the magic of a good soup cafe.

Soup options included: [from what I could understand]

Mexican style
Indonesian style
Lentils & beans
Pork & Plum
Creamy Potatoe
Chicken….and something [it looked good, but I had no idea what it was] I think it was dates. I do not fancy dates…

The place is small, but it makes it cosy and you often share your table with a few people….there is something nice about that, especially when enjoying warm soup.

and that was it, whether it was a good day or a bad day, Zuppa was the answer to the common soup!! [yes, I have been watching too much Mad Men ;)]

. . .

Tastefully yours,

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R o y z e l : L e r o y [part 2]

[Cafe Lecca, Trier]

Day two of Royzel/leroy fever we indulged at the local for some good wholesome, tummy filly, heart warming ‘lecca’ food!

Both Paul and Pedro had the soup of the day, ‘some sorta meat and vegie and yummy thing’… Pedro indulged in some tomato juice with tobasco sauce, we all opted for the fresh OJ – so sweeet, sooo good!

Liezel ordered custom made scrambled eggs with mushies, and I ordered the usual ‘italian bagette’. [no photo this time]

AND again, we missed breakfast…so I’ll keep you in suspense until we order a ‘proper breaky’ @ Lecca.

. . .

Tastefully yours,

. .                  .

C a f e : L e c c a

[Cafe Lecca, Trier]

Definition | Lecker is the german word for ‘delicious’. ‘Lecca’, therefore I assume is a variation of that.

Trying to find a good coffee in Trier is like trying to find good coffee in starbucks [apologies to starbucks lovers…]  I think a great coffee is a team effort: good beans, clean water and a talented barsita!And just when we were on the verge of giving up on enjoying good coffee in Trier, we came across Cafe Lecca near the Haupbanhof…this is where the 3 elements unite.

We ordered espressos to taste the true flavour of the coffee…

At first we were overwhelmed by the aroma…it was sublime!!!

It was soo good, we wondered how the breakies would be like… We came back the week after around 1ish, sadly to find breakfast had finished for the day. The waitress laughed as she said, ‘but it is too late for breakfast ja?’… I nodded sadly, holding back from yelling out, ‘but breakfast should be available-all-day ja?’…

Nevertheless, we ordered what was left over and what was available for lunching… it was delicious!!! 🙂 What a relief!… hellooo new local!!! 🙂

I ordered a bagette with basically a Calabrese salad inside…DIVINE!! 🙂 filled to the brim with flavour, so simple, yet the freshness of the ingredients shone through!.

Paul ordered this amazingly hearty ‘soup of the day’, which was basically a creaaaamy vegetable soup! the day was a bit gloomy, so the soup went down a treat!

The search was over! we had finally found a coffee destination that offers a simple yet delicious breakfast too!. 2 birds with one stone!!

We’re definately coming back for round 2 of breakfast @Lecca 🙂


‘Leckerly’ yours,