F r u i t & b l u m e n

[meine wohnung, Trier]

* Jogurt with nektarines and a frenzy of honey

* Fresh blumen from the flower market.

I’m somewhat coming to the end of labelling everything in the house into GERMAN…EEK!!! [by everything, I mean NOT everything] I really should’ve done this MONTHS ago, but hey…better late than never they say right? [yes, I actually do say that a lot, and yes it does that speak volumes for my procrastination expertise.]

I had a super boring ‘brown’ breakfast this morning [early arvo] and although there are some brown foods which go without saying to be DELICIOUS, I find cereal and wheatbix soooo boring!. and it photographs like a bitch. [Who really knows how bitches photograph…] so, I picked this from a couple of days ago -nestled comfortable amongst the fresh flowers. [i think they’re daisies???]

oh! did I tell you that today is day 2 of workout?? yes folks, Ive been doing some sorta [insert insulting adjective here] pilates dance work out… oooooooooooh!!!! yes, I realise the sheer image of me partaking in this is hilarious. I laughed [to myself].

I despise workouts, and despise DANCE workouts…. but the cold hard fact is, I need to tone up! [so I guess its the warm, wobbly fa(c)t??] errrgh… it pains me to even write this, let alone DO this. I repeat. I hate workouts.

I was tempted to make macadamia and white chocolate shortbread…..or cinnamon shortbread…..but you see that involves butter! and that my friends is a forbidden zone. No butter. No sugar. No yummy stuff…. boring!… and yes’m I think about this whilst ‘working out’.

aneeee way!, today is also Royzel eve, or Leroy… no way, eve was yesterday! today pedro & liesel arrive from their ‘tagine’ flavoured holiday! [hmmm tagine? …I mean Morocco]

Looking well forward to a good feast and some yummy water. [ I really wanted to say wine, but I’m semi detoxing]

. . .

Tastefully yours,

. . . .