Top Paddock, top shelf.

[Top Paddock, 658 Church Street Richmond 3121]

Bircher muesli[The visually tantalising Bircher muesli with natural yoghurt & green tea poached pear]

Its been way to long since our last chat so best we dive straight in shall we!?

Some truly excellent friends of mine gathered to share stories of hilarity and deliciousness on this fine day whilst basking in love, sun and vibes at Top Paddock, Richmond. (I’m sure by this stage you have already had a cheeky visit, and agree it’s a pretty spesh place.)

Over the past couple of years, I have developed a rather obsessive need to order soft shell crab on pretty much every possible occasion. And just when i thought I was safe within the trusting arms of the breakfast category, not only was I confronted face-to-face with the crab itself, but it came armed with some brioche… I mean what’s a girl to do?

Soft shell crab
[Fresh soft shell QLD mud crab roll with fennel, dill & lime mayonnaise in brioche bun]

I am partial to a bit of food envy, and this was no exception.Ricotta Hotcakes[Ricotta hotcakes with blueberries, organic maple, seeds & organic marscarpone]

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Jamon, you will understand my absolute “weak at the knees” situation right here.

Jamon anchovies 2[White anchovies & jamon serrano with fried eggs, padron peppers & manchego on toast]

How you going there? Its way past dinner time here in Melbourne and let me tell you, I AM DROOLING!!!! Do yourself a favour and head on down with your loved ones to share some good times, food and togetherness.

Wishing you a truly spectacular week, and may every mouthful be as delicious as the next.

Tastefully yours,

Light reading:
Click here for menu.

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Stack em up, stack em high!!

[Pfannkuchen, Trier]

before we start…
Pfannkuchen: Pancakes
Gluhwein: Mulled wine

Now, lets begin 🙂

Palaststraße 5-7 is host to the largest Pancake parlour in Trier…maybe a touch unnecessarily large, but the venue is equipped to seat approx 120 or so hungry hippos…

A number of variables can lead to ones opinion, so I will take that into consideration before I lash out.

Firstly, I think due to the weather, many customers were attracted into ‘warmer’ destinations…
Maybe this place is a buzz with hungry pancake lovers during the summer, but on this cold and cloudy with a touch of drizzle day, there were only ourselves and 2 other groups. When the decor is this ‘clinical’… the lack of people hightens the very lack of sound and energy…

Secondly, the decor… I dunno, there was some ‘diner’ appeal… but the lack of noise, and the interior combined…was reminding me of a dentist, or a 50s/60s themed Doctors office…something wasn’t right.

The menu is large, and the kitchen accomodating….but they all seem to work and do as they’re told. No-one is really enjoying themselves.. and this translates into the food and mood for the venue. We were enjoying ourselves, so no amount of silence and ‘nausiating’ yellow decor will stop us from enjoying our breaky… or will it??


Maybe, I had high expectations of fluffy, soft buckwheat pancakes that melt in your mouth drizzled with maple syrup making friends with puddles of rich vanilla icecream…. FAIL!

There was nothing moorish, creamy and decadent about it. It was a pan cake. Full stop.

I ordered ‘Zimt & Zucker’ [cinnamon and sugar]…I should’ve known better…it was ready even before I have time to sit down…frozen pancakes??? they wouldn’t would they??
It was so dry that I think it stuck to my tongue at one point. Obviously I did not get through this… too heavy, too dry, not enough pancake love!!!

On the upside, Tim, Tran and Paul seemed to enjoy theirs, which looked a whole lot more appetising than my sad little dish…

Tim’s ‘American’ style pancakes sang sweet stars and stripes tunes in his ear:

Tran ordered lil Danish pancakes, which were reminiscent of Queen Vic night market days in Melbourne…

And Paul ordered a rather phallic looking dish: Banana wrapped in chocolate flavoured pancake. It actually didn’t taste too bad.

Sadly, they neither stacked em up, or high. It was a bit of a disappointment, but maybe I shouldn’t have such high expectations of pancakes… WHAT? NO WAY!!! pancakes are supposed to be lush, and creamy and moorish and a bit cheeky to have in the morning/arvo with some ice cream.. maybe dabble in some bacon and somewhat ‘semi-drowning’ in maple syrup…

Apologies for lovers and fans of this pancake prison, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea…

We did however drop into Zum Domstein for some red and white Gluhwein [mulled wine] and THAT was heavenly for all the senses. ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ five BIG FAT SMILES AT THAT 🙂

That just about made my day, pfannkuchen nightmares were out of sight, out of mind. And as they say, a gluhwein a day, keeps the doctor away… hmmm maybe not 😉

Enjoy your breakfasts, wherever you are…


. . .

Tastefully yours,

. . .

R o y z e l : L e r o y [part 1]

[Bitburger Wirthaus, Trier]

The grand Bitburger Wirthaus located in the centre of Kornmarkt overlooks the most beautiful Rococo fountain ‘St George fountain‘, and on this particularly sunny day-it was perfect!

Roy & Liezel [Royzel, leroy] were down for a [too] short visit, so we ventured out to check out the local breakfast.

This place is great for locals and tourists as it provides a menu catering for both! – super!

Roy has taken to virgin marys for breaky, so I had a little taste too… to be honest I’m not a tomato juice fan, but it was pretty good I have to say! I’ve since gone and become a avid tomato-juice-with-pepper-in-the-morning drinker!

I believe it was a sunny saturday midmorning/afternoon, we soaked up the glorious sun [which was quite unusual for this time of month in Germany] and went on our merry way to order some of the yummies for our tummies.

We all had the ‘eyes are bigger than our tummies’ syndrome and ordered a tad too much!…

so heres what we ordered…

Lydel: Apple strudel with ice-cream… YUM!


Ham and onion Flammkuchen…which is basically a light and crispy Pizza type number. The crunchy outside bits are my favourite!!! 🙂

I ordered possibly the largest serving of Smoked salmon and swedish hash browns with a dollop of horseradish sauce. I pretty much shared my salmon with the whole restaurant b/c there was so much. I was worried for the salmon population in Sweden…

Paul ordered a light and fluffy pancakes with a serving of heart attack. OH sorry I mean cream and ice-cream. *giggles*

and lastly and leastly [hehhe] Roy aka Pedro, ordered a salami sandwich. In true German form, the portion was large and filling. The presentation was actually quite lovely – lots of colour and a interesting selection of salady sides.

As per normal German standards, we left feeling like we ate for 4!!! truly so much food, and it was all delicious!.

Service was a bit slow, but there were just soooo many people it was totally understandable.

So this place deserves a big tick!!

* Great outdoor space..TICK!!

* Lovely and sunny…TICK!!

* English menu… TICK!!

* Friendly and good service… TICK!!

* Good coffee…TICK!! [not better than Cafe Lecca, but still pretty good!]

* Delicious fresh food with portions big enough to share amongst 4 people… TICK TICK and TICK!!!

Can’t wait to come over winter where it is all nice and cosy inside watching the snow dance outside… *sigh*

happy eating!!

. . .

Tastefully yours,

. .            .

C a f e : 1 1 5

[Main street, mornington]

Soak yourself in friendly, sun-kissed mornington peninsula energy.

Centrally located on main street, this family friendly location provides the right mix of indoor/outdoor space, best of the local service and delicious, hearty breakfasts.

Their French toasts are lusciously soaked in the perfect amount of mapley deliciousness!!!!!

Had the fluffy ricotta pancakes with a decadent serving of rich icecream… I was certainly satisfied for a good portion of the morning.

Yum city!!!!

I always battle between sweet or savoury for breaky, but after reading about that pancake-the decision was clearly made for me!

Tastefully yours,

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