P a r i s : n i g h t s… [part une]

[ Vapeurs, Paris ]

In Paris for a limited time to see the wonderful, enchanting beautiful Corinne Bailey Rae…

Now,what I’m about to say next isn’t too appealing…

‘airplane food’…

oh! but to the contrary, we discovered this interesting destination as an alternative to a sad looking menu accross the road somewhere in Paris [near Saint Lazare metro].

My initial thoughts were…’there is something very different about this place…’, followed by utter confusion. From what we could gather with our poor poor french, was that

a) there were a selection of premade ‘raw’ food, and

b) the ‘food’ was then ‘vapeurised’.

Luckily for us, on this rare occasion in Paris, the ‘garcon’ spoke english – albeit it was the speediest french-glish I have ever heard.[I think I preferred it when he spoke french…] We were kindly and speedily advised about the ‘steaming’ of the food of choice and all the health, environmental benefits… anywho, we bought the salespitch and went on our merry way to soak in a little bit of that parisienne culture.

Now, let me revert back to the term ‘airplane food’.

As this concept of carefully organised raw foods, arranged in eco-friendly, recyclable trays then ‘steamed’ is relatively new, I can only describe is as the new ‘healthy out-flight taste alternative’- HFTA, cuz you just HFTA try it….[oh dear, yes I went there]

I ordered a visually unique ravioli dish [they were all connected like in a sheet or something], and Paul chose fresh salmon with rissotto and Polenta – I sooo nearly stole this food, and yes I always get food envy! What is with that!?

Honestly, the flavour isn’t so amazing that I would consume it often, nevertheless, the atmosphere is very inviting with warm chocolate tones highlighted with contempory lighting and seat placement.

I did feel as though it was a bit mishmashed in execution, as some elements were so unique, like most of the decor and definately the idea, however others were juxtaposed with the highly monotonous and commercial. I felt as though it was a little confused in aesthetic execution, however has to be the one innovative tummy destination I’ve encountered and overall a every exiting experience.

Ironically, their philosophy states the following:

Full Steam is not just a restaurant. I wanted with my team, putting the project in his time and express environmental values and human. We are all motivated to offer something homogeneous, while both in terms of business management and supply to customers.

We carefully select our staff for the team is a reflection of innovation and humanism that drives us.

On the other hand, we select our suppliers for the quality of their products, of course, but also how they work, their desire to preserve a knowledge and authentic values.

ok, so…. I think to ‘offer something homogenous’ isn’t something you really want to be promoting, but maybe it got lost in translation.

Overall, Vapeurs offers an eclectic and creative mix of lifestyle, contrast and intrigue. Which as a Melbournian in Paris is the vibe I’m getting from the city.

[stay tuned for the next installement in paris nights… :)]


tastefully yours,