Angels in London [part 2]

[The Regent Public House, Angel]
201 Liverpool Road, London N1 1L

Sundays are my favourite days for a lazy breakfast whilst discussing the night before enjoying an all day breakfast affair. Whether it is sweet or savoury, hot or cold….[and in this case healthy or not so :)], there is nothing more enjoyable than good simple food in good company.

Sometimes, there is nothing more delicious than fresh hot Pizza on a Sunday arvo-boys watching football and Liesel and I thoroughly enjoying some not necessary tasty morsels for the hips.


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For drinks, some dabbled in the beer variety, Liesel and I tried Luscombe’s Elderflower Bubbly. πŸ™‚ It’s a beautiful harmony of ‘just the right amount of sweet’ & ‘just the right amount of bubbles’ to brighten up a miserably cold and grey London Sunday. [and to aid me from my Primark suicide trip I was about to embark on, brace yourselves for some retail crowd surfing!!]

Prices were friendly and so were the staff. The venue is equipped for a lot of football watching, so beware if you’re up for a more lively atmosphere. It’s so couchy and so relaxed [except when someone shoots a goal] Β it ALMOST feels like you’re in the sun enjoying a cold bevvie. ALMOST. πŸ™‚

This weekend, team London are venturing to the German side for a bit of Chrissie marketing. The Weihnachtmarkts are in full gear, and up until a few days ago, the town was a winterwonderland. AND not to mention the coldest I’d ever experienced – getting a brain freeze walking to the station is NOT OK! 😐

However, the snow has almost all melted and now we are left with drizzle and grey…I guess I’d rather the SUPER FREEZE as it comes with a beautiful white blanket… keeping our hearts warm :).

We’re heading to Cologne this w/e, so I’ll keep you posted with sugar-coated lovelies.


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Tastefully yours,



Angels in London [part 1]

[Delhi Grill, Angel]

Being in London again was a strange feeling – like awaking from a really vivid dream. I visited my old place of work, and caught up with my dearest ex-boss and it was like I’d never left. Except so much had changed, including myself.

It’s an amazing buzz just to be surrounded by the assorted energies London has to offer. Coming from the somewhat quiet ‘town’ of approx 100, 000 populated Trier [or 120,000, depending on who’s talking] it was a shell shock for approximately 1/2 hour, then the ‘city’ me kicked in…I walked a little faster and was Β a little bit more aware of my surroundings. I whipped out my Oyster, as I whipped my hair back and forth…[hehe!]

I was getting the feeling that I could absolutely MURDER SOME INDIAN & ASIAN FOOD!!!! and pretty much as soon as I walked through customs, I was on my hunt for a) Amazing LDN Indian food & b) Salt pepper squid!!

We went to this amazing Indian place round the corner from Roy/zel’s on Chapel Market in Angel by the name of ‘Delhi Grill’

[I had an excess of images, so I bunged them all into a sweet package for your viewing pleasure….]

We feasted on Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Lentils, Samosas, Naan and Papadams. For dessert Kulfi was on the menu!! – I’ve never tried this before, but it was amazingly creamy and decadent.

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I think this is where I totally need to apologise for comments re: LDN food/customer service… I take it back. I really do, I have to give LDN credit for some perrrty good Indian, and Delhi Grill is, as they pride themselves on ‘Indian food as it should be…freshly ground spices, slow cooked and not swimming in oil. It was a delicious guilt free meal that was easy on the hip pocket.

If you like a bit of Indian to warm up a ‘brain-freeze’ worthy evening and NOT feel like you went for a curry swim – head to Delhi Grill, satisfaction guaranteed.

. . .

Tastefully yours,


Dear Mr Oliver…

[ 15 Westland Place, London N1 7LP ]

I think to be quite honest, the food in London isn’t one to sing ‘n’ dance about… and as a Melburnian, you can’t help but be a little picky about the food you eat- as we are so very blessed to have so many talented chefs and cafes. So… going to a place like fifteen, was an absolute treat! [and a half! ]

We went for dinner their the previous night, and I seriously haven’t had such yummy scrummy moorish culinary treat since I’d left home sweet home…. sigh…even the the lush olives were ‘burst- in- your-mouth’ freshness and flavour like your can not believe an olive can hold…

We walked accross the road from the appartment to indulge in some yummies for our tummies before we farewelled LDN to start our adventure in Trier, Germanland.

Fifteen in the morning light gave way to the jovial and light atmosphere. It was bathing in freshness and glistening with new day aura.

I ordered poached eggs/grilled tomatoes/ portobello mushies [I like to judge a breaky cafe by its poached egg quality]

and I think he ordered ‘a mountain of scrambled eggs accompanying pretty much a whole smoked salmon… well it wasn’t exactly what he ordered, but it sure as hell looked like it. [photos don’t even do it justice yo!]

oh!, and I ordered something different to drink, as fresh juices with a hint of ginger isn’t as readily available as it is in melbourne town. I committed to a marriage of ‘apple, english cucumber, mint and yoghurt in the form of a smoothie’…at first taste, I was shocked at the unusual flavour, but after the second, but tastebuds and I aggreed it was a HIT! yummo-land!!!

Eggs were poached to absolute perfection, and the whole plate was pretty much devoured before I could even offer him any. This breakfast had turned me into some sort of breaky animal…. awkward…!!! πŸ˜‰

One thing I really did forget to mention is the service, MY LORDY, truly unlike most customer service I have been ‘so fortunate’ to receive- they were polite, helpful and actually around. Excuse my cutting remarks, but you have to agree London has many amazing things to offer…customer service aint making that list…

Overall, I truly enjoyed the experience, as dining isn’t 100% about the food – lets dust off ol’ Pareto, and borrow his rule: I would say 80% delicious 20% delivery. voila! a recipe for dancing tastebuds and a super satisfied tum tum!


Tastefully yours,



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