RAINING like a mother*beep*

[La Taverna del Bisbe, Barcelona]

I must have some sort of crush with Spain, b/c here we are again, eating our way through this beautiful country. This time round it wasnt AS stinking hot and rain was rather looming at every corner!.

After a long day sightseeing and having super tourist fun…[light sarcasm] we were in real desperate need for yummies, AND a well earnt rest. We debated to sit in or out for an excessively long amount of time, but after about 1000 years we opted for the inside! LUCKY-when it rains it POURS in Barcelona. I swear I could’ve been in Vietnam during one of those crazy downpours. LIKE BOOM!

Crisis diverted, we were snuck inside enjoying the ‘lunch menu of the day’. For 10 Euros we were treated to 1 entree, 1 main, 1 dessert, 1 drink [alchoholic or non] and even a drink top up.

I’ve been reading some of the reviews for this place, and its not good…. the only good thing was the price and the close proximity to Barcelona cathedral…BUT, I beg to differ… I really enjoyed the food and the service and quite obivously the shelter. There wasn’t really much to complain about for the price we paid. [except maybe the LOG-OF-A-POO in the ladies toilet which just wouldn’t flush….VOMMIT]

Here we have some photos of the location in question: [pretty nice]

I ordered Gazpacho, fresh tasty and most importantly cold! [couldn’t complain there]

The other option for entree was Spaghetti Carbonara [not amazing, but still very edible and fast]

For main I ordered ‘white fish’…. I really coudln’t understand what it really was. This was also not amazing, but it was tasty and for 10 Euros, I dont think I really had the right to complain. 🙂

The dessert I must say has not made the photo list…. it was actually terrible! We ordered Creme Caramel… it was more like rock hard egg thing drowning in some sort of sweet caramel flavoured liquid…sorry, but THAT was a shocker!.

Just to reiterate, I want to defend the place for providing value for money and a pretty nice place to be enjoying your food. The food wasnt amazing, nor would I go back in a hurry, BUT for 10 Euros, I really couldn’t complain.

Oh and the coffee was pretty good!…no complaints there.

Adiós!! until next time 🙂

. . .

Tastefully yours,

. . . .