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[Main street, mornington]

Soak yourself in friendly, sun-kissed mornington peninsula energy.

Centrally located on main street, this family friendly location provides the right mix of indoor/outdoor space, best of the local service and delicious, hearty breakfasts.

Their French toasts are lusciously soaked in the perfect amount of mapley deliciousness!!!!!

Had the fluffy ricotta pancakes with a decadent serving of rich icecream… I was certainly satisfied for a good portion of the morning.

Yum city!!!!

I always battle between sweet or savoury for breaky, but after reading about that pancake-the decision was clearly made for me!

Tastefully yours,

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T h e E u r o p e o n

Warm and inviting, hitz and I shared a very intimate and delicous breakfast outing in the midst of busy melbourne city.

Deep delicious decor match the culinary treats. Although it was the middle of summer, this was a perfect ‘wintery’ getaway

Tastefully yours,