Clothing and Comestibles combined

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[Captains of Industry, Level 1/2 Somerset place Melbourne]

Miss H and I only ducked in here for a moment as we waited on the oh so fashionable Mr Adam, and it is just one of those places where you get swept away into another world – old world glamour mixed with that little bit of ‘je nais se quoi’ that Melbourne laneways offer.

They offer ‘comestibles’, which is just a really special way of saying food, glorious food. 🙂

But it is just so fitting, as they do offer a very special service to gentlemen in the way of bespoke footwear and leather accessories and oh so sexy traditional mens haircutting (I dunno about you, but there is something very “oooOOOoooh” about traditional mens shaving accessories and the technique involved. It’s from a different world, an old world full of its own classic ups & downs.

But it’s not just for gentlemen, there is a little spot for everyone here.

We sat by the window and overlooked the very NEW world below, and fantasized about once upon a time ago…

The menu is seasonal, and therefore I’m not too sure if what we ordered is still there ( although they were just drinks)

I ordered a very refreshing and colourful strawberry and cinnamon sparkling cordial. WAWAWEEWA!!!! It was truly refreshing and I let out a big “ahhhh” after enjoying my first invigorating mouthful!… heaven was surely in my mouth!

See the bubbles of invigoration here: 🙂

Miss H had a tea which was just as delightful…and never ending it seemed 🙂

Whether is for comestibles, or bespoke tailoring or just people watching or after, Captains of Industry will very quickly become “captains of your heart”

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Tastefully yours,


Bent Espresso

[Bent Espresso, 385 Centre Road, Bentleigh (on Bent street) ]

Its a strong element of irony that’s plays a part here this morning… I’m leaving at the end of the week to a German flavoured adventure, and Jess and I were treated to an amazingly presented meal wrapped in sunshine and attentive customer service.

The whole package is generally quite difficult to find, but we were pleasantly surprised as bentleigh/mckinnon/ormond isn’t usually a breakfast destination.

Firstly you step inside a very friendly and colourful atmosphere, and you are immediately transported into ‘degraves st’ vibe bubbling with energy and passion for food& art

Jess and I both ordered the avocado & cottage cheese tasting platter!

Visually it is beeeautiful and not only is it delight to look at, the taste is phenominal! The bread is fresh, crispy and lovingly drizzled in olive oil, the avocado is ripe and creamy and dissolves in the mouth, and the cottage cheese is the perfect accompliment to creaminess, topping it all off with fresh lemon! Did I mention it’s all very hands on?

We both ordered ‘actual’ fresh juice’, not that ‘fresh out of the bottle crap! And it was tall, frothy and gooood… Although they did get my fruits mixed up…forgivable.

We were delightfully surprised at the value for money and relaxing family & pet friendly environment.

The view outside isn’t the best, but once ur inside it’s very easy to forget where you are… Very easily does one get lost in culinary pleasures for the senses!


Tastefully yours,