P a r i s : n i g h t s [part deux]

[ La Marmite, Paris ]

Ok, so I may have been a little slack a la ‘stay tuned for the next installment…’ We are now flirting with august!!

Nevertheless, here we go!

This was immediately after Corrine enlightened us delightfully with her enchanting presence, we went across the road to the busiest looking restaurant which happened to be ‘La Marmite’

Our tummies totally took over the menu and Paul chose escargot [when in Paris!!] & I chose a salad…’Salad Océane’ [I thought this would be a lovely light alternative to actual dinner as it was quite late.

Boy was I in for a surprise!!]

Salade Océane :
Salade, tomate, maïs, crevettes, saumon fumé
[Mixed greens, tomato, corn, shrimps, smoking salmon]

I think they meant smoked salmon, European menus always make me giggle. 🙂

First came Paul’s dish, grossed me out, but looked pretty yummy and NORMAL SIZED!!!

Then, came mine!

Oh my god!! I don’t think we had actual room for the bowl-either in my tummy or the table… I was actually a little scared!

Bravely, weapon I hand, I started to explore and conquer the salad!

Size: I so don’t think the photos do justice! It was so big I thought about sharing with at least 3 others!And it was only 11€!! it was a salad bowl you place in the centre of the table FOR A FAMILY… Or a pig like me!! 😉

Taste: totally, totally delicious!! Packed with loads of smoked salmon, crunchy fresh leafy greens, fresh juicy tomatoes and surprise corn and shrimp flavours. Oh, and it lay on a giant bed of roasted sliced potatoes which were heavenly!! Maybe they roasted it in truffle oil, who knows, they were simply mouth-watering!!! Perfectly roasted, with a slight crunch that wakes the taste-buds!

Oui, I actually finished it!! So proud of myself! …. Not so sure how happy I was with myself when I ROLLED my ball tummy out of there in slight discomfort…. Haha!! But it was still worth it.

Not sure if I venture back I’ll be involved in another salad attack, but I sure would revisit to taste the whole menu! Food was fast and tasty, and the service was easy on the eye and friendly 😉

So kids, this concludes our segment starring Corrine, Vapeurs, La Marmite and the lovely city that is Paris… Ahh oui Paris, je t’aime 🙂

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful, sunny day, and until next time…

Tastefully yours,