Just ‘bent’ around the corner

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[Bent Espresso, 2/385 Centre Road Bentleigh ]

Phone: (03) 9557 1339
Open: Weekdays 7:30-3, Saturday 8-3, Sunday 7-2:30

I’m looking at the opening hours..and to be quite frank, I think I’m lying (got the information from here, so blame them :))

So Caz and I used to frequent this cute place in Hughesdale called “turtle” cafe like all the time!! (no, not the one in Elwood) And it was getting worrying that we only knew ONE place to breakfast. Then, it closed. Problem solved!!

On this fine day, we decided on somewhere local – we chose Bent espresso round the corner from us. We exchanged stories of the past year and what we’d been up to and enjoyed the mix of young and old (and middle) in a little cafe tucked away on Bent street in Bentleigh. (I’ve been here with Jess before I left for Germany, and had some amazing light treats) It was nice to do a full circle.

I’ve been on this savoury breakfast bandwagon for a while now, and as a result chose ‘corn fritters with bacon and 2 poached eggs.

(loving the way this looks right now)

Now, I dont want to spray too much negative commentary as the service is immaculate and I hear the coffees are to die for… I just think they were having an off day. Which is unfornutate, as I happened to experience that.

The meals were beautiful presented, the vibe was right, the service and clientele relaxed yet chatty… but the EGGGSSS!!!!! the beautiful poached eggs had been sitting a tad too long waiting….and consequently started to cook through.

Its really not as bad as I make it out – but there is something so sensual and exiting about a beautifully poached free range egg as you break through the whites to get to the gold inside…. The gloriously aesthetic yoke slowly oozes out like a volcano and I just can not with to taste it… not this time folks!!

I break thought the white eagerly and…

it just sat there all sad and solidified… my breakfast looked embarresed…

To give it credit though – its not as bad as Riverland…. oh god, Definately not as bad as that!!!!

I really don’t enjoy saying bad things about a cafe that is sooo good in so many other ways and especially since my previous experience was immaculate, but I’m sorry consistency is important. There’s no point having great eggs only when the good chef is working… 😦

The sad thing is, I loved my morning there with Caz, the atmosphere was buzzing and it was great to not be working on a “school day”. To me, the poached egg should be perfection, and its also saddening that everything else (atmosphere, service, fritters, bacon…) were all amazing. I just happen to be a poached egg freak!.

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Tastefully yours,

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Bent Espresso

[Bent Espresso, 385 Centre Road, Bentleigh (on Bent street) ]

Its a strong element of irony that’s plays a part here this morning… I’m leaving at the end of the week to a German flavoured adventure, and Jess and I were treated to an amazingly presented meal wrapped in sunshine and attentive customer service.

The whole package is generally quite difficult to find, but we were pleasantly surprised as bentleigh/mckinnon/ormond isn’t usually a breakfast destination.

Firstly you step inside a very friendly and colourful atmosphere, and you are immediately transported into ‘degraves st’ vibe bubbling with energy and passion for food& art

Jess and I both ordered the avocado & cottage cheese tasting platter!

Visually it is beeeautiful and not only is it delight to look at, the taste is phenominal! The bread is fresh, crispy and lovingly drizzled in olive oil, the avocado is ripe and creamy and dissolves in the mouth, and the cottage cheese is the perfect accompliment to creaminess, topping it all off with fresh lemon! Did I mention it’s all very hands on?

We both ordered ‘actual’ fresh juice’, not that ‘fresh out of the bottle crap! And it was tall, frothy and gooood… Although they did get my fruits mixed up…forgivable.

We were delightfully surprised at the value for money and relaxing family & pet friendly environment.

The view outside isn’t the best, but once ur inside it’s very easy to forget where you are… Very easily does one get lost in culinary pleasures for the senses!


Tastefully yours,