S p a i n : E s p a n a

[Peniscola | Alsossebre]

Post the partying that was Beni, we were compelled to go in search for a) the best paella in the Spanish east coast and b) for some quiet chilled out beaching!

First point of call was Peniscola! Despite the obvious immature reaction from my behalf, it was a surprisingly nice town, but just not what we were in search of. Small? I think not, quiet?…hmmm we both agreed, it was a quick bite and vamos!

It was getting late so, via the help of a tourism desk in Peniscola, we ventured towards Alcossebre…

It wasnt quite the atmosphere we were after, but it was getting late and quite hot, so we checked into the only available hotel. [Alcossebre Hotel]

By absolute chance, we happened to get a cracking deal for the master suite… unnecessary, however as sleeping choices were getting limited as the warm Spanish set, we checked in, showered, and pretty much had the best sleep ever!.

There is something indescribable about your first hot shower with unrecycled water, not amongst 10+ semi naked folks around and a line behind you…This shower had 4 jets…I used all of them simultaneously as I washed off the sand, the dirt, and the sounds & smells of Benicassim…

I know what your thinking… what did we eat that night? Please don’t ask… It was late, and all we could find was this beach cafe type thing, which is quite common in Spain. [Basically some weird ‘Russian salad’ and some tapas, but it wasn’t the best] The view was beautiful, we ate ____ as we saw the evening sun paint the sky red.



The first night, all I could think about eating was Paella!…

So here we started our ‘search for the best Paella’.

FRESH seafood Paella for you with a bottle of semi-sweet dessert wine to follow. Again over looking the pink sky, warm sea air tickling our skin.

The flavours were just amazing!. Rich in seafood, texture, colour and ofcourse flavour.

I did miss the slight crunch of the ‘burnt’ bottom layer of a perfect paella, but it was still amazing and there were definitely no complaints from us. [Even though they decided to play top 100 songs from the 80s and 90s, good bottle of wine drowned that lovely sound :)]


Day 2 in L’ampolla

Dinner @ ‘Casa David was a venture away from Paella’s for the time being…

It had been another perfect day with glorious relaxing weather, we spent hours sitting and soaking in the sun, exploring and watching the long day go by. It was time for dinner and boy was I exited!.

Honestly, the simplest things wow me! [as AM says :)], but its true, its always the simplest elements in life that make you go ‘ahhhh’. 🙂

I WAS actually on my way to say ‘i’ll have the Paella please’, when Paul suggested I flirt with something different… the truffle ravioli with truffle sauce? hellooo! done deal!.

I just need a moment here to compose…

This meal, was seriously, THE MOST YUMMIEST RAVIOLI I have ever TASTED! ever!!!!

I think Paul actually died a little death with every stolen mouthful, and secretly, although his squid-ink spaghetti was delicious, I think he wished HE had ordered the truffle-gasmic culinary delight.!!!! so good!!!!

A lot of the time pictures just dont do it justice. Although its just a mess of creams with speckles of black…it was truly a magical dish… and would be more than happy to try that again!!

Although this was an entry about dinner, I guess if its the first real meal of the day, and it ‘broke my fast’….whos to say really 🙂

it was delish, and satisfying and relaxing, what more can you ask for.


Tastefully yours,


B e n i : t i m e s

[Benicassim festival  |  La Terraza Avinguda de Salvador Ferrandis, 12560 Benicasim, 964 304 292 España]

What makes the perfect summer [festival] holiday?…

A small town in the autonomous community of Valencia,  during the summer transforms into a 4 day non-stop music|party|dance|food|beach|camping frenzy where we rest & eat by day and party into the night and early morning…

‘Benicàssim (SpanishBenicasimArabic: بنو قاسم according to Numismatic findings [1]) is a municipality embracing a beach resort located in the province of Castelló, on the Costa del Azahar in Spain. It is located 13 km north of the town of Castelló de la Plana, on the north of the Valencian Community. It has a population of 18,098. Its main economic activity comes from tourism; most notably the town is famous for the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, one of the most important summer music events in Europe.’  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benicasim)

Its quite out of this world, really quite something…The only camping music combo I’ve participated in was Meredith… which was also a beautiful/surreal experience.

Being first timers, [for me even to set foot onto the country] I don’t think we were quite ready for the 4 days ahead. Sometimes it felt like time was going incredibly, unimaginably slow, and others went so fast- it was 4 am before we knew it and we were vibing!

Still very warm into the night, often beni punters were scantily clad dancing hypnotically, in an amazing heat|music induced trance.

And after a quick nap in the morning, post dancing, you were awoken by the intense heat of the sun. Sometimes your ‘core body temperature’ [thank you Romeo 😉 ] reaching something in the ‘deathlies’.

Time just seemed to roll into one experience. And one never to forget. 🙂

Arriving at 3 am or so to Beni, after a manic effort collecting the team at various airports ;), resulted in us being refused entry… but we were delirious and decided a creepy, meandering, NO ENTRY ‘road’ was the way… and somehow we scored entry and were on our way trolloping through campfib looking for shelter and somewhere to rest our asses! To our surprise, we were in what seemed to be little UK |OZ…

did someone say we were in Spain?  maybe we were so tired, we drove to London instead… ? 😀

As we tended to doze off around 6am… breakfast really was an all day tapas event ending in dips in the warm beni water, and soaking in the beautiful soothing sun as we all dozed… it was truly something amazing.

We, like pigs, feasted on these amazing paellas, cheese platters, bocadillos, spanish tomato puree pizza thing. [La Terraza Avinguda de Salvador Ferrandis, 12560 Benicasim, Spain 964 304 292] Washing it all down with an icy cold Cerveza, Sangrias and Agua con gas. Perfect food for when feeling a little rough :). What a holiday!

So I guess for the perfect summer [festival] holiday…

Add 4 days of warm glorious sun

Sprinkle an awesome Lineup

Scatter around festivals enthusiasts from all around the world [mostly UK and OZ haha]

Tents to taste

Alcohol of choice

Mix together in a crowded, yet lively beach scene*

and roll around in Beni, be sure to mix well!!


*Beach style: No tan lines…

And always be sure to enjoy safely, and remember to look after each other AND your passports! 🙂 [esp in Prodigy….the circle…]


Tastefully yours,