Angels in London [part 2]

[The Regent Public House, Angel]
201 Liverpool Road, London N1 1L

Sundays are my favourite days for a lazy breakfast whilst discussing the night before enjoying an all day breakfast affair. Whether it is sweet or savoury, hot or cold….[and in this case healthy or not so :)], there is nothing more enjoyable than good simple food in good company.

Sometimes, there is nothing more delicious than fresh hot Pizza on a Sunday arvo-boys watching football and Liesel and I thoroughly enjoying some not necessary tasty morsels for the hips.


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For drinks, some dabbled in the beer variety, Liesel and I tried Luscombe’s Elderflower Bubbly. πŸ™‚ It’s a beautiful harmony of ‘just the right amount of sweet’ & ‘just the right amount of bubbles’ to brighten up a miserably cold and grey London Sunday. [and to aid me from my Primark suicide trip I was about to embark on, brace yourselves for some retail crowd surfing!!]

Prices were friendly and so were the staff. The venue is equipped for a lot of football watching, so beware if you’re up for a more lively atmosphere. It’s so couchy and so relaxed [except when someone shoots a goal] Β it ALMOST feels like you’re in the sun enjoying a cold bevvie. ALMOST. πŸ™‚

This weekend, team London are venturing to the German side for a bit of Chrissie marketing. The Weihnachtmarkts are in full gear, and up until a few days ago, the town was a winterwonderland. AND not to mention the coldest I’d ever experienced – getting a brain freeze walking to the station is NOT OK! 😐

However, the snow has almost all melted and now we are left with drizzle and grey…I guess I’d rather the SUPER FREEZE as it comes with a beautiful white blanket… keeping our hearts warm :).

We’re heading to Cologne this w/e, so I’ll keep you posted with sugar-coated lovelies.


. . .

Tastefully yours,