R a i n b o w s : i n : m y : t u m m y

[ Trier und Luxembourg city]

I turned another year older last month, but may in Trier was so cold and unfriendly I wanted to be a June baby (only in the northern hemisphere) and so I moved my bday a month later just to mix things up a bit. 🙂 It’s just the way I roll. 😉

I spend way too much of my time (awake and alseep) thinking about food and all it’s glory, but often I think about what these so called ‘non-food’ items would taste like.

From time to time, I flirt with the idea-resulting quite unsuccessfully…

But seriously, another universe away trees might be edible- like chocolate stumps with peppermint icing….and/or fluffly cloud flavoured fairy floss…. Gnom gnom gnom…. 🙂

Wow… What a wonderfully diabetic world that would be. I wonder if mr w.wonka came from a world just like that?

( pause to drool )…

Sooo, in the spirit if all things edible and bday related, Paul picked out all the colours of the rainbow from a little macaroon place in Luxembourg for a tastebud tickling sensation…..party in my mouth!!

I truly believe if rainbows were edible, they would taste just like these….. simultaneously soft & lightly crunchy exterier, creammmmmmy and decadent filled centre and a colourful treat for your visual senses.

(Red and yellow and pink and greeen, purple and orange and bluuuuuuue….)

Tastefully yours,



U n s e r e : W o h n u n g

[ Trier, Germanland ]

so… here, on the other side of the world the sun shines in the middle of the year and snows in the beginning and end… the water turns the other way down the drain, and the sun moves in a different direction…so I am told. It makes a lot of sense b/c a lot of the times I feel like I’m upside down.

I can not begin to tell you how fresh the air is here, and how vivid all the plants are – Melbourne is truly amazing, but its hardly the greenest city.

Here we are graced with the most fertile soil in Europe. And the water quality in Trier is something out of a dream. I mean Melbourne water is pretty ok, but coming from London [lime scale central] it was a dreamy dream come true.

As a result, the produce here is just ‘happy’. Happy cows, happy schweine [pigs], happy fruit & vegies.

Riding my bike through the town and the vineyards is an experience, I don’t think these feet of mine have touched pedals since….. well since Italy, but before that… well that was a lifetime ago!!

There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh grass and flowers tickling your nose whilst the beautiful spring/summer sun dances on your skin as you glide through one of the enchanting Trier bike trails…

I slow down and hop off, oh so gracefully… NOT!!! – I am such an unco, I keep falling upon take off and landing…. pretty much ALL the time! fun times for my fanny!

Anyway, as I ‘gracefully’ slide off my bici, I meander through the fresh food and produce market in the city square. I purchase fresh German Erdbeeren [that’s strawberries for those of you playing at home 😉 ] and duck into Aldi for some fluffy brioche.

The warm oveny sweet sweeeeet result isn’t friendly for the thighs, but truly a delight for my tum tum and eyes.

enjoy 🙂


tastefully yours,