Roll up! Roll up…

[Roller Door Cafe, 3 Stawell St, West Melbourne,3003]

Hands up who likes wearing underwear to work? Yep, thought so, most of you do unless you’re a sex worker right? Even then, there is some kind of underwear thing going on there, but that’s not the point here.

Basically this place was the most bizarre breakfast experience of my life.

It was quite the hipster location, with token fixie outside as a shining beacon to all hipsters that this was a safe place… I did not realise this meant the waitress would be wearing quite literally a t-shirt (grey-marle crew neck) as a dress AND NO UNDERWEAR!!! I mean, breakfast please, that aint ok, and that aint safe. Brings the term Food Porn to a whole new level.

As you can see the photos are non-existent, just like her underwear…

Look, the food was ok and the other waiter (dude with immaculate beard and top of the pops service) was really, truly lovely, but for me its just not worth it if food safety isn’t a priority. “Excuse me, there is a hair in my soup….”

Not so tastefully yours,
Joanna (who wears underwear to work)


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3 thoughts on “Roll up! Roll up…

  1. Hi there Joanna! I just stumbled across this blog entry through the roller door urbanspoon page, and felt obliged to respond! I am one of the owners of the cafe and so was shocked to read that a staff member was seen to be without inappropriate clothing! Obviously we are very casual, although our clientele is so diverse I wouldn’t agree with the ‘hipster’ label (although some of our older customers would probably be delighted!) but I respect your perception on a first, and I’m assuming last, visit. We are so wonderfully supported by our locals and regulars that we have been able to be a part of the west melbourne community for four years. We’ve watched babies turn into toddlers, in actual fact I babysit some customer’s children in my spare time!
    Ok so we perhaps don’t try to keep up with the jones’ like some of the other eateries you have generously reviewed or criticised in your blog, but that’s ok with us because our menu and probably the general vibe is directly influenced by those around us, and our commitment to fresh and organic options. We are very fortunate to be thriving when most cafe’s close their door within 12 months.

    And this is where I have a problem with your blog. Because you did not review the cafe, you reviewed me. I can only assume it was me in what I think was my $6 opshop grey tshirt dress(sorry to sound so ‘hipster’ but being a small business owner is not always as lucrative as it seems, and I thought it was a steal!) the particular style of which you seem better aware of than me. And I’m guessing it was a lovely sunny april day, and I might have taken my tights off mid-shift to let my freckled pale legs get some air. To insinuate me as a sex worker, and the cafe with low food safety standards is defamatory and personally insulting. And the soup quote doesn’t even make sense as there was no soup on the menu… Your blatant girl bashing seems to show that you have fallen for the propaganda western society cultivates- that any female (other then hopefully your trusted circle) is a threat and an enemy. I really regret that, but I’m happy that my male business partner and his beard(they are so popular at the moment aren’t they?) was approved by you. I’m all for supporting the sisterhood and just couldn’t let this go by without a response, even though your loyal following wont notice as it is so belated… When more than 200 girls have been kidnapped just because they were being educated, and the sex industry and its exploitation of women is not only rife but is finally being internationally recognised, do you even think its appropriate to joke this way? I am sorry to cast such a serious note on a seemingly flippant blog post, but do you think maybe you’re being slightly caustic in your humour and that maybe you don’t need to be? I’m sorry if the blog just caught you in a bad mood, or that my dress was actually so utterly offensive to you that you needed to vent so publicly. I’m not a tall girl and I have saggy boobs but I did ballet for 15 years so my legs are my favourite feature other then my brain. I’m really sorry that I am confident enough to show them both off in an environment that I love and am also loved and respected. I truly hope you have that experience too. I am more than happy to enter into a dialogue with you about this if you like, I have left my email for you if you don’t want it in a public domain. But you must have female followers, and both they and the males deserve to hear my side of this strikingly odd review.
    Ps. To solve the mystery, yes I was, and I’m always wearing knickers, I try and buy bulk at target, or bonds individuals. Very comfy.

      • Yeah I guess it’s just a shame people would think that this was one of your honest posts then.. Thanks for the apology! It takes guts to be in the public sphere, I’m glad I mostly deal with actual people rather than the extremes of the Internet, it seems a cruel world. Good luck with it all!

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