Dukes: Leaders in their own right

. . .
[Dukes, 169 Chapel Street WINDSOR]

Open: 7-4pm daily

Duke: A duke or duchess is a member of the nobility, historically of highest rank below the monarch, and historically controlling a duchy. The title comes from the Latin Dux, ‘leader’ (Wikipedia)

There is nothing more perfect than great Melbourne weather + beautiful company + amazing breaky.

On days like this, you could seriously soak in some of Melbourne finest vibes and fall into a beautiful food/coffee induced coma…

As weekends are a feeding frenzy on chapel street, all the best are packed to the rafters, as a result we sat up against the window – which was a blessing in disguise. I could “food-perve” without too much fuss :), and check out talent on chapel street-such a multitasker ;).

Aesthetically beautiful & simple menu: 

Smooth, creamy, deliciously & sensual Soy Chai Latte:

Beans on toast:

Shy had the very simple-sounding beans on toast, it was in fact the most fulfilling and rich marriage of flavours – perfect for the “day after the night before”

I had the free-range poached egg on avocado smeared (amazing) toast with CANDIED bacon… one word: WOW!

Fresh, creamy, and slight delicate “nuttiness” of the sesame seeds were a perfect accompaniment to my soy chai latte.

And did I mention: CANDIED BACON??? wow!!! 🙂

Check out this “poached-poke-ooze”: (drooling. right now!) 
Duke, a latin derivative of DUX: meaning leader is a very fitting name for densely populated location for coffee and breakfast.

. . .

Tastefully yours,

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