Dukes: Leaders in their own right

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[Dukes, 169 Chapel Street WINDSOR]

Open: 7-4pm daily

Duke: A duke or duchess is a member of the nobility, historically of highest rank below the monarch, and historically controlling a duchy. The title comes from the Latin Dux, ‘leader’ (Wikipedia)

There is nothing more perfect than great Melbourne weather + beautiful company + amazing breaky.

On days like this, you could seriously soak in some of Melbourne finest vibes and fall into a beautiful food/coffee induced coma…

As weekends are a feeding frenzy on chapel street, all the best are packed to the rafters, as a result we sat up against the window – which was a blessing in disguise. I could “food-perve” without too much fuss :), and check out talent on chapel street-such a multitasker ;).

Aesthetically beautiful & simple menu: 

Smooth, creamy, deliciously & sensual Soy Chai Latte:

Beans on toast:

Shy had the very simple-sounding beans on toast, it was in fact the most fulfilling and rich marriage of flavours – perfect for the “day after the night before”

I had the free-range poached egg on avocado smeared (amazing) toast with CANDIED bacon… one word: WOW!

Fresh, creamy, and slight delicate “nuttiness” of the sesame seeds were a perfect accompaniment to my soy chai latte.

And did I mention: CANDIED BACON??? wow!!! 🙂

Check out this “poached-poke-ooze”: (drooling. right now!) 
Duke, a latin derivative of DUX: meaning leader is a very fitting name for densely populated location for coffee and breakfast.

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Tastefully yours,

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Las Chicas, best french toast… ever??

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[Las Chicas, 203 Carlisle street Balaclava]

I love stace, and I love Las chicas. The two together in very close proximity blew my socks off!


Watermelon/Apple/Mint fresh juice…. WHOAH!


This is sooo good, and so fresh!



French toast with marscapone & strawberries, lovingly drizzled with sweet sweet maple.


If you have a sweet tooth, like I certainly do, try this amazing french toast option at Las Chicas!


Something warm?

Stace had oats with bananas and almond slivers. I think this one is a 2 person deal…stace just couldn’t finish it. Very filling!

The area at times isn’t the most safest, but it sure does pound with energy and a mix of all sorts.

We had a very strange man yell at us for no reason at all, but I think he was senile, and I swear someone was following us.

Oh, and some crackpot decided to copy what we were saying…. it takes all sorts.

Apart from this minor set back, I love how carlisle street is always alive, and once you’re inside Las Chicas, you’re amongst safe breakfast loving crowd. And if that doesn’t please, the charming and entertaining waiting staff will sure tick that box.

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Tastefully yours,





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