Zuppa : the answer to the common soup…

[zuppa, Trier]

As the autumn weather starts to kick in, or rather full steam ahead… and the colder climate starts to dominate, there is nothing more delicious than ducking into to the local soup cafe for some interesting and hearty homestyle soup options.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and very German [clean and organised]

The soups change everyday, depending on what ingredients are available and what mood the chef is in I guess :).. there didn’t seem to be a clear ‘theme’. One thing is for certain, there are about 6 soups on offer daily, and they are always going to sell out!!! fast!

I had bumped into Dili in the innenstadt and we decided to try this new soup place…
The moment we stepped foot, we enjoyed the warmth that filled our bodies and souls with the magic of a good soup cafe.

Soup options included: [from what I could understand]

Mexican style
Indonesian style
Lentils & beans
Pork & Plum
Creamy Potatoe
Chicken….and something [it looked good, but I had no idea what it was] I think it was dates. I do not fancy dates…

The place is small, but it makes it cosy and you often share your table with a few people….there is something nice about that, especially when enjoying warm soup.

and that was it, whether it was a good day or a bad day, Zuppa was the answer to the common soup!! [yes, I have been watching too much Mad Men ;)]

. . .

Tastefully yours,

. . .

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