Sunday breaky & beats

[Jahreszeiten, Petrisberg]

Jahreszeiten spüren – drinnen und draußen
Ob Sommer oder Winter, Frühling oder Herbst – jede Zeit hat ihren eigenen Reiz. In der Sommerzeit können Sie auf unserer großflächigen Terrasse entspannen, in den kühleren Jahreszeiten bieten Ihnen unser großer Holzgrill in den modern gestalteten Räumlichkeiten unseres Restaurants und der Holzofen im neuen Pavillon eine gemütliche Atmosphäre.

English Translation:
Seasons feel – inside and out
Summer or winter, spring or fall – every era has its own charm. In the summer you can relax on our large terrace, in the cooler seasons offer our large wooden barbecue in the modern area of the restaurant and the wood stove in the new pavilion has a cozy atmosphere.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Trier for a moment, and take a deep breath of crisp fresh air, head to Petrisberg…

Perched on the hill near the Town’s university, tucked away in a quiet residential area is the Jahreszeiten Restaurant that serves a breakfast buffet with a side of Jazz on Sundays. You can enjoy a relaxed vibe and friendly international crowd from the ‘newtown’ whilst overlooking the oldtown below.

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday from 11.00
Sundays and public holidays from 10.00
Kitchen open daily from 12:00 to 22:00

seven days a week

The name roughly means 4 seasons, and that is their main aesthetic focus/theme. As we are in Autumn, the theme heavily revolved around warm oranges and chocolates and chesnuts.

The word ‘buffet’ always springs to mind a rush of people in transit piling up food like there’s no tomorrow…. much like me – eyes are way bigger than my stomache…ROOKIE ERROR…
However, this was a civilised, calm and relaxed venue coupled with amazing prompt service and a wide selection of delicious breakfast options that we enjoyed with Maria and Alena one sunny Autumn sunday.


Sweet, savoury, liquid, solid… you name it – they had it. They even had a wide selection of cereals for the kids/and big kids.

Poached eggs were missing – my favourite, but that was only natural as it was a buffet…

Breakfast comes with OJ and you can enjoy it in or out. We sat in for the breakie and out for the jazz and post breaky coffee.

So, given my eyes-are-bigger-than-my-stomache syndrome, I mixed all sorts of food together …on. the.same.plate.
I normally really hate doing that as it just confused my tummy and overloads my eyes… but today was a delicous exception 🙂

Plate 1 :

Plate 2:

Plate 3:

Plate 4:

Plate 5:

hello little piggy :@)

so… after that I was pretty much stuffed up to my head, and only Jazz in the sun enjoying a coffee would make the post buffet pain bearable.

I’ll have to go back in the winter to experience snow tip peaked and warm breaky to fill me up.

. . .

Tastefully yours,

. . .

5 thoughts on “Sunday breaky & beats

  1. Thanks for sharing! Funny you should review this place as we were planning to go there in a couple of weekends time and were wondering what the food was like.

    From your pics it looks good!

    Are the jazz band there every Sunday or was that a one-off?

    • michelle!!! i just realised who this was! 🙂 thanks for dropping by 🙂
      just read your blog… i feel sick after the ‘slug’ entry… thats super gross!!!

      re: jazz @jahreszeiten…as far as I’m aware every sunday – but your know the extent of my german…. 🙂

      the food was varied and fresh, the service was imaculate and it was just busy enough to excite a ‘buzz’, but relaxed enough to sit around for a few hours chatting and eating. and the place is surprisingly large!. forgot to mention the price – not to pricey, from memory around 12Euros including OJ…. (i keep converting things to oz dollar…. but I think for Euros its ok)

      hope youre well.
      love jo.xx

      • Oooh, sounds delish and decently priced. I’ve been there once before for coffee and liked the large windows and relaxed but stylish decor.

        In regards to my garden, yep, the slugs were pretty nasty but we’ll be prepared for them next year!

        Hope all is well with you 🙂

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