A huntsman abroad

[non spanish related post] 🙂

Yesterday, I discovered the below image on my brothers facebook page.
I peed a little.

Then, I realised they were photos from my house back in Melbourne.
I peed again…

All I could think about was that disgusting feeling of a fat huntsman crawling on your face in the middle of the night…
Yes, something similar has happened to me. And if you live in Australia, you’re more than likely to come across a few creepy crawlies around the house [ or a F*CKING BIRD IN YOUR FIREPLACE…. *breath*]

I’m not terrified of spiders, but I do not like them. One bit.
I am in fact terrified of birds- the sound they make when they do their flying thing, and their beady eyes that don’t face the same way… and yes, one day I woke up to a terrifying sound… FLAPPING….. IN. MY. FIREPLACE…. thats another story for another time, basically thanks to Ash the knight in shining armour – I was saved. [no thanks to my brother who was in the other room laughing]

Yes, I hear you… why the hell am I posting this?? it’s not even FOOD related, let alone spanish related. And yes, you’re correct – not Spanish related. BUT, in fact definitely food related. I was watching Karl Pilkington in ‘An idiot abroad‘ [if you haven’t seen, you MUST – its total wet your pants comedy gold!!] and… I think the chinese eat spiders… or was it scorpions…. either way it was weird!!!

If you can’t see the size of the bugger, please see below.

After some ‘wiki-ing’ i discovered they’re not dangerous to humans…. much. I was concerned about the wellbeing of my maltese-shitzu. He’s been known to attack possums. Allegedly.

This got me thinking… Have I eaten anything really weird before???

Have you??

The weirdest thing I ate was Tongue… mum tricked me, I ate it, there was a fight… end of story. 😀

I was going to post some more spanish delights…. but I really didn’t want to relate the two topics.
I will in fact indulge in this topic at a later date…. ‘eating things, that shouldn’t be eaten’ [like spiders, tigers and bears oh my!]

. . .

[not so] Tastefully yours,
. . .

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