R o y z e l : L e r o y [part 2]

[Cafe Lecca, Trier]

Day two of Royzel/leroy fever we indulged at the local for some good wholesome, tummy filly, heart warming ‘lecca’ food!

Both Paul and Pedro had the soup of the day, ‘some sorta meat and vegie and yummy thing’… Pedro indulged in some tomato juice with tobasco sauce, we all opted for the fresh OJ – so sweeet, sooo good!

Liezel ordered custom made scrambled eggs with mushies, and I ordered the usual ‘italian bagette’. [no photo this time]

AND again, we missed breakfast…so I’ll keep you in suspense until we order a ‘proper breaky’ @ Lecca.

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Tastefully yours,

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R o y z e l : L e r o y [part 1]

[Bitburger Wirthaus, Trier]


The grand Bitburger Wirthaus located in the centre of Kornmarkt overlooks the most beautiful Rococo fountain ‘St George fountain‘, and on this particularly sunny day-it was perfect!

Roy & Liezel [Royzel, leroy] were down for a [too] short visit, so we ventured out to check out the local breakfast.

This place is great for locals and tourists as it provides a menu catering for both! – super!

Roy has taken to virgin marys for breaky, so I had a little taste too… to be honest I’m not a tomato juice fan, but it was pretty good I have to say! I’ve since gone and become a avid tomato-juice-with-pepper-in-the-morning drinker!

I believe it was a sunny saturday midmorning/afternoon, we soaked up the glorious sun [which was quite unusual for this time of month in Germany] and went on our merry way to order some of the yummies for our tummies.

We all had the ‘eyes are bigger than our tummies’ syndrome and ordered a tad too much!…

so heres what we ordered…

Lydel: Apple strudel with ice-cream… YUM!


Ham and onion Flammkuchen…which is basically a light and crispy Pizza type number. The crunchy outside bits are my favourite!!! 🙂

I ordered possibly the largest serving of Smoked salmon and swedish hash browns with a dollop of horseradish sauce. I pretty much shared my salmon with the whole restaurant b/c there was so much. I was worried for the salmon population in Sweden…

Paul ordered a light and fluffy pancakes with a serving of heart attack. OH sorry I mean cream and ice-cream. *giggles*

and lastly and leastly [hehhe] Roy aka Pedro, ordered a salami sandwich. In true German form, the portion was large and filling. The presentation was actually quite lovely – lots of colour and a interesting selection of salady sides.

As per normal German standards, we left feeling like we ate for 4!!! truly so much food, and it was all delicious!.

Service was a bit slow, but there were just soooo many people it was totally understandable.

So this place deserves a big tick!!

* Great outdoor space..TICK!!

* Lovely and sunny…TICK!!

* English menu… TICK!!

* Friendly and good service… TICK!!

* Good coffee…TICK!! [not better than Cafe Lecca, but still pretty good!]

* Delicious fresh food with portions big enough to share amongst 4 people… TICK TICK and TICK!!!

Can’t wait to come over winter where it is all nice and cosy inside watching the snow dance outside… *sigh*

happy eating!!

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Tastefully yours,

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F a u x : p a s t r y

[Meine wohnung | Trier]

Firstly I just want to inform that I have become victim to my first ‘breakfast cereal’ related injury… cereal killer! …What happened? THIS is what happened… I was innocently crushing the bastard into my cup for a layered banana & yoghurt number when the CEREAL KILLER decided to cut me. Teeny, tiny, iddy bitty stabs.

Secondly, it is sooooooo effing cold that I just want to wrap myself up in a doona, gaffa tape it, make sure I have a pee exit and a breathing exit and sit eating croissants and hot chocolate. I’m a bit apprehensive about the onset of freezing coldness… I think I’ve pointed this out on numerous occasion, but just in case you’re not stalkblogging me and haven’t read EVERY single entry… thought I might reitterate.

Thirdly [yes, Im going to count every paragraph….] this entry was from a few weeks ago, but Ive had a lot on [pilates dance workout and MAYBE a whole season of housewives NYC…just MAYBE].

I was scourging inside around my spacious head for an idea for what to call this. You see I often will make ‘debuts’ with food…which end up being ‘one hit wonders’. Not that its really Peter andre, more like OMC…wait they’re both shitty… ok, you get my drift.[I can not confirm or deny if I have a single from OMC…how bizzarre…] Anyway, I basically make it once, then I dont know what I did so cant really have a repeat performance. haha!

Anyboob, its kinda like pastry….but not.

And so, without further bloggy diarrhoea, may I present… ‘FAUX PASTRY’ [I’m sooo creative!!!!] *giggles*

Essentially, I took the second half of a ‘puro’ or ‘parisian’ or a fat baggette and stuffed it until it basically nearly shat its pants.! [oh wait, I should prolly mention that that emptied out the sides first. Disembowled baby!!!] Then I stuffed it with pan fried yummies, slathered the top of the bread in olive oil and oven it until golden and your drooling!.

Slice big chunks to serve with fresh tomatoes and gouda.

Fairy dust with little tiny worms of parmigiana,  watch them dance and squirm from the heat and voila! Bob’s your uncle.

It was surprisingly yummy and very crunchy on the outershell…I thought the insides would cause it to get soggy, but no -delish! Make sure you cut into big slices, otherwise it tends to crumble and fumble around.

So lastly, we’re heading to Barcelona for a few days and I hope to bring you more spanish delights next week. So yummy you’ll want to lick the screen! holaaaa!

. . .

Tastefully yours,

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F r u i t & b l u m e n

[meine wohnung, Trier]

* Jogurt with nektarines and a frenzy of honey

* Fresh blumen from the flower market.

I’m somewhat coming to the end of labelling everything in the house into GERMAN…EEK!!! [by everything, I mean NOT everything] I really should’ve done this MONTHS ago, but hey…better late than never they say right? [yes, I actually do say that a lot, and yes it does that speak volumes for my procrastination expertise.]

I had a super boring ‘brown’ breakfast this morning [early arvo] and although there are some brown foods which go without saying to be DELICIOUS, I find cereal and wheatbix soooo boring!. and it photographs like a bitch. [Who really knows how bitches photograph…] so, I picked this from a couple of days ago -nestled comfortable amongst the fresh flowers. [i think they’re daisies???]

oh! did I tell you that today is day 2 of workout?? yes folks, Ive been doing some sorta [insert insulting adjective here] pilates dance work out… oooooooooooh!!!! yes, I realise the sheer image of me partaking in this is hilarious. I laughed [to myself].

I despise workouts, and despise DANCE workouts…. but the cold hard fact is, I need to tone up! [so I guess its the warm, wobbly fa(c)t??] errrgh… it pains me to even write this, let alone DO this. I repeat. I hate workouts.

I was tempted to make macadamia and white chocolate shortbread…..or cinnamon shortbread…..but you see that involves butter! and that my friends is a forbidden zone. No butter. No sugar. No yummy stuff…. boring!… and yes’m I think about this whilst ‘working out’.

aneeee way!, today is also Royzel eve, or Leroy… no way, eve was yesterday! today pedro & liesel arrive from their ‘tagine’ flavoured holiday! [hmmm tagine? …I mean Morocco]

Looking well forward to a good feast and some yummy water. [ I really wanted to say wine, but I’m semi detoxing]

. . .

Tastefully yours,

. . . .

L u x e m b o u r g : c o f f e e

[cafe knopes, Luxembourg]

errrgh! I have such a back log of posts… this was from a couple of weeks ago, but its pretty good coffee, and its always really nice to wonder through Luxembourg oldtown when youre filled with sunshine and warm coffee. delish! 🙂

Les Coffeeshops Knopes sont des endroits entièrement dédiés au café. Que ce soit pour déguster un café sur place, demander des conseils de préparation, emporter un sac de café fraîchement torréfié chez soi, vous y trouverez tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur le café. A côté du café, nous vous proposons aussi des thés, boissons fraîches et originales ou encore des en-cas sucrés et salés.

Ouvert depuis 2002, ce Coffeeshop est situé dans une cour intérieure près de la bourse de Luxembourg. Cet endroit est devenu une référence au centre de Luxembourg pour tous les amateurs de café. Venez partager notre passion du café dans un endroit intime et chaleureux.

english: Coffeeshops Knopes The locations are completely dedicated to coffee. Whether for a coffee on site, ask for advice on preparation, carrying a bag of freshly roasted coffee at home, you’ll find everything you need to know about coffee. Besides coffee, we also offer teas, soft drinks and original, or sugary snacks and savoury.

Open since 2002, Coffeeshop is located in a courtyard near the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. This place has become a reference center in Luxembourg for all coffee lovers. Come share our passion for coffee in an intimate and warm

For some [beautiful] reason, whenever I have a coffee at Cafe Knopes its always sunny… I hope this coffee phenomenon  lasts all through the cold f*ck that will be winter… hahah, scuuuse my french, I’m just super anxious about the onset of a German/Luxembourg winter.

We had some super nice weather over the w/e, but today is serious poo!, and i’m only thinking its going to get colder and greyer… I hope it gets so cold though that it turns white. 🙂 or maybe I can just have an espresso, and all will be sunny and delicious again! 😉

Anyway, I hope its sunny where you are 🙂

. . .

Tastefully yours,

C a n t u c c i n i : b i s c o t t i

[meine wohnung, Trier]

I do this thing where if I eat really healthy, I think it gives me the license to then consume something not so…

For example, last night we had:

* Brown rice w/lentils, barley, mushrooms and tomatoes.

* Falafel.

* & a fresh leafy salad with a red wine from Apel.

so.. this morning, I felt like eating biscotti in my trackies… 🙂 Alright! 🙂

. . .

Tastefully yours,