B r ö t c h e n : l e c k e r

[meine Wohnung, Germany]

There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh brotchen/puro on a lazy sunday morning…[nearly arvo] 🙂

Patri and a couple of her closests friends were down at our joint for a few days, we took the opportunity to dive into some proper sunday breaky. It was a fusion of German and Melbs styles, with plenty of fresh ‘brotchen’, puro drizzled with olive oil, a kind of omelette and ofcourse some fresh fruit.

Sitting on the balcony wrapped in a blanket [t’was a tad cold] and enjoying some good food amongst good company was just sublime.

A mixture of fresh, warm brotchen, eggs, strawberries and fresh OJ danced around our noses and lightly tickled our tastebuds… the sounds of laughter, deep relaxing breaths… the view of the green, green mountains surrounding our valley with a light, atmospheric fog above. It was so low, I could almost poke at it like fairy floss [YUM!!] And post the sunday sesh, the round and satisfied tummies around…it was truly a wonderful and relaxing breakfast.

Sunday is my fave day for breakfast, it allows for the true nature of the beast to prowl….available all day, to be eaten all day. There really is no other meal like breakfast, no matter what time you eat it, whether it truly is the first meal of your day or just a cheeky tastey escape, it is the most un-biased meal of the day.

You can indulge it in bed, with the paper [or your iphone] still in your pjs and slowly pondering the thoughts of the day… You can even don the pjs to your local if you really wanted to! I’m not too sure how that would go down in old german town, but I guess I’ll only know the result if I try it haha!!. 😀 Whether it is sweet or savoury or just a coffee, breakfast is the single most relaxing, flexible and delicious meal of the day!.. out of breaky, lunch and dinner… I think breakfast is the most cultured and the most experimental, although sadly often the most forgotten.

So the saying goes, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’… may we not forget that delicous fact! 🙂

Join us next time for some breaky-licious, lecker-licious relaxing times coming to a screen near you…

Happy eating!


tastefully yours,



2 thoughts on “B r ö t c h e n : l e c k e r

  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by on my blog. 🙂 The pictures and your meal just looks divine. How I miss Broetchen….I can’t even tell you. American Bagels just don’t do it for me yet….It’s great to read about somebody from abroad living in Germany. 🙂

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