Made in Germany

[Trier, Germany]

Breakfast is truly a personal and cultural representation of a society…[and lets not forget DELICIOUS] πŸ™‚

Living in Melbs has allowed me to be consumed by a wonderful culinary creature, every chance we get we indulge in some of the finest, the simplest, the most international, the most exiting, the most experimental and fresh food in the world… I really could just continue.

Travelling has allowed me to view the world of tasty treats in a different light.

The sheer magnetism of simple yet delicious food will provide a ‘coming-togetherness’ of people that leaves a delicious memory in your mouth and hearts.

I truly love breakfast – doesn’t matter what time of day, where I am in the world, who I share this moment with, breakfast is the first meal I consume for the day. And there is something quite special about that. Ofcourse, like beautiful moments, breakfasts are so the more rewarding shared. Share a moment and share a meal.

I think there are really only a few elements in life that make it worth living- beautiful friends, good tunes, something to hope for and good food, essentially its always important to be mentally, sexually, physically & spiritually stimulated. That is the adventure that is our life.

I like to have little adventures in the kitchen, some of which aren’t so successful, however its really about being creative and giving it a red hot chilli go! πŸ™‚

Below is a montage of oven baked poached egg w/salami & basil. The delicious oven baked egg oooozed yolky perfection and was devoured so quickly! And below that is thinly sliced sweet potato chips lightly showered with dried paprika, this was served with chilli oil mayo. πŸ™‚ sooo yum!!

and again, sweet potato chips w/ chilli mayo.

Sometimes its nice just to have a platter of tasty treats to ease those hunger pains. So fast and so satisfying…sometimes you just feel like grazing.

I used the insides of the tomato(from the baked tomato dish) and with a (big) splash of olive oil, salt & pepper, this became a Spanish style fresh tomato spread for the warm sliced bread.

Served with pan-fried zucchini & Capsicum, slow cooked until soft and deliciously melty and soft!! πŸ™‚

and voi la!, breakfast on a lazy Sunday listening to some Miike snow, cold war kids πŸ™‚ and ofcourse doesnt hurt to throw some beautiful Sia in the mix… stir well and serve warm and with love. πŸ™‚

Just looking over these images is seriously making me hungry!! Ich habe hunger!!! πŸ™‚ ja ja genausoooo πŸ™‚ hahah!!!

Enjoy breaking the fast, and always make sure tastebuds dance πŸ™‚


tastefully yours,



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