R a i n b o w s : i n : m y : t u m m y

[ Trier und Luxembourg city]

I turned another year older last month, but may in Trier was so cold and unfriendly I wanted to be a June baby (only in the northern hemisphere) and so I moved my bday a month later just to mix things up a bit. 🙂 It’s just the way I roll. 😉

I spend way too much of my time (awake and alseep) thinking about food and all it’s glory, but often I think about what these so called ‘non-food’ items would taste like.

From time to time, I flirt with the idea-resulting quite unsuccessfully…

But seriously, another universe away trees might be edible- like chocolate stumps with peppermint icing….and/or fluffly cloud flavoured fairy floss…. Gnom gnom gnom…. 🙂

Wow… What a wonderfully diabetic world that would be. I wonder if mr w.wonka came from a world just like that?

( pause to drool )…

Sooo, in the spirit if all things edible and bday related, Paul picked out all the colours of the rainbow from a little macaroon place in Luxembourg for a tastebud tickling sensation…..party in my mouth!!

I truly believe if rainbows were edible, they would taste just like these….. simultaneously soft & lightly crunchy exterier, creammmmmmy and decadent filled centre and a colourful treat for your visual senses.

(Red and yellow and pink and greeen, purple and orange and bluuuuuuue….)

Tastefully yours,


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