R a i n b o w s : i n : m y : t u m m y

[ Trier und Luxembourg city]

I turned another year older last month, but may in Trier was so cold and unfriendly I wanted to be a June baby (only in the northern hemisphere) and so I moved my bday a month later just to mix things up a bit. 🙂 It’s just the way I roll. 😉

I spend way too much of my time (awake and alseep) thinking about food and all it’s glory, but often I think about what these so called ‘non-food’ items would taste like.

From time to time, I flirt with the idea-resulting quite unsuccessfully…

But seriously, another universe away trees might be edible- like chocolate stumps with peppermint icing….and/or fluffly cloud flavoured fairy floss…. Gnom gnom gnom…. 🙂

Wow… What a wonderfully diabetic world that would be. I wonder if mr w.wonka came from a world just like that?

( pause to drool )…

Sooo, in the spirit if all things edible and bday related, Paul picked out all the colours of the rainbow from a little macaroon place in Luxembourg for a tastebud tickling sensation…..party in my mouth!!

I truly believe if rainbows were edible, they would taste just like these….. simultaneously soft & lightly crunchy exterier, creammmmmmy and decadent filled centre and a colourful treat for your visual senses.

(Red and yellow and pink and greeen, purple and orange and bluuuuuuue….)

Tastefully yours,



M e l b o u r n e : f u n : t i m e s

[ My house, Melbourne ]

Once upon a another hemisphere ago….

Twas the day before autumn, and all through the hood,

my tum tum was stirring,

all because it was all out of food…

I made my special meatball recipe that day as I listened to Sia and wrapped the bouncy meat treats into puff pastry for the oveny warm goodness to wrap its puffy arms around.

Served on a bed of cherry tomato salad and consumed in the warm afternoon sun daydreaming of a time I would be another hemisphere away…


tastefully yours


C a p i t a l : K i t c h e n

[ Chaddy, Melbourne ]

Is the capital of kitchen ‘YUM’??

I wrote an imaginary letter to my non-imaginary friend the other day…it involved a totally real toasted sandwich made from the toased, buttery heavens above!!! (yes, I did just watch the ‘The Imaginarium of Dr Parnasses’…. and yes, I am now MORE all-sorts-of confused…but that’s a story for another day kids!)

Dear Schpacey, (thats my friend stacey, but she likes to be called schpacey arrrrr sinepy…)

I had a yummy, fatty dream the other night…. it involved, you + me + buttery + cheesy + droooooooly yum waiter + my iphone?….haha!! 😀

I was in Trier when I had this dream, so obviously it was more like a fantasy…

Imagine the pain that I was in when I woke to find

a) there is no capital kitchen in Trier

b) there is no ‘secret ingredient is lemon’ toasted fatty goodies

and sadly c) there was no you…

but still!!! – whilst I was having the dream, it was super! I wish skype allowed for tasting… like a tastaphone, or maybe it should be called a fatty-phone…. b/c thats pretty much what happens when you eat them right?

When I get back you’d better be 20 kg heavier!!!! (otherwise I’ll know you really didn’t miss me… ) 😉

xoxo, Jo

So you see, not only can I not speak and German in Germanland… I now dream about toasted, buttery (non)imaginary sandwiches from a place called ‘Yum’…..worst day of my liiife (jokes!! jokes!!) 🙂


tastefully yours,