Riverland cafe

[ along the yarra, Melbourne ]

This will be short, much like my negative breakfast experience there…

I shouldve known by the waitress, she had no idea…

The location is just beautiful for a stroll then a sunny lazy breakfast watching the yummy rowers, eating your yummy food- WRONG!!

Not only was the service really bad- I had to ask for cutlery ( she looked at me blankly…) but the most important part, the food, was …. Breaky road kill…

1) Ciabatta???? It was stale…. And flavourless (I can’t believe I tried to eat it)

2) the ‘poached’ egg was in a perfect circular shape, giving me the impression it had been …premade???(I was so confused)
Not only is bad poached egg a crime- it was burnt
Sorry- how the eff do you burn poached egg!!!!!!?????????

3) soggy, droopy, sad spinich

4) little tiny birds that actually attack your food!!!-fly up, flap, steal!! Quite an efficient move really, I commend you! (now please go and die…sorry the only birds I like are the ones wrapped in mushroom & cream& puff pastry…harsh…)

The only ok thing was the pecorino… But it was sooo big it overpowered my ‘death by’ burnt, premade poached egg mess… ( which I guess may just have been a blessing…)

I didnt think I’d be sharing bad breakfast, but this should be known.

Their menu was enticing, but I may as well have eaten that… Wouldve had more flavour!!!!!!

Not so tastefully yours,


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