New York state of mind

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[ New York tomato: Cnr New & York Streets, Richmond ]

For months I was calling this place New York Apple-for obvious reasons…It wasn’t until I went back for an encore I realised I’d been telling everyone about a mystery location! Oops!

So, a good travel buddy of mine suggested this amazing place nestled in the little streets of Richmond that was the perfect hang over cure! (good food, cosy, and you can wear your dark glasses and still look a little bit ‘last night’ and it’s totally ok!)

Boy was I in for a treat, this place is a cosy little hide out to discuss last night, to have a date, to be alone, to meet like-minded locals and just to enjoy your Sunday late morning nourishing your mind and feeding your soul.

The selection is wide and the choices are many… Sweet or savoury, fresh or fried, big or small… Soo many choices!!!

The first time I went was a bit of a tired blur to be honest, but I do remember the servings were hearty and much like the culinary equivalent of a cuddle! Just what the Dr. ordered right!!!??

The second time I took “miss Dior”, and boy was it as yummy as I remembered!!!

I had something freshish this time- polenta stack:

& Caz ordered ‘make ur own’ – yummy smoked salmon/poached eggs/ avocado!

It was sooo good, there was a lot of purring and silence. Mmmm yummys for our tummys 🙂

We’d been going to turtle for so many a breakfast date, it was always going to be rough to rip that bandaid off, however we has found the perfect substitute to heal that wound….


Tastefully yours,

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Bent Espresso

[Bent Espresso, 385 Centre Road, Bentleigh (on Bent street) ]

Its a strong element of irony that’s plays a part here this morning… I’m leaving at the end of the week to a German flavoured adventure, and Jess and I were treated to an amazingly presented meal wrapped in sunshine and attentive customer service.

The whole package is generally quite difficult to find, but we were pleasantly surprised as bentleigh/mckinnon/ormond isn’t usually a breakfast destination.

Firstly you step inside a very friendly and colourful atmosphere, and you are immediately transported into ‘degraves st’ vibe bubbling with energy and passion for food& art

Jess and I both ordered the avocado & cottage cheese tasting platter!

Visually it is beeeautiful and not only is it delight to look at, the taste is phenominal! The bread is fresh, crispy and lovingly drizzled in olive oil, the avocado is ripe and creamy and dissolves in the mouth, and the cottage cheese is the perfect accompliment to creaminess, topping it all off with fresh lemon! Did I mention it’s all very hands on?

We both ordered ‘actual’ fresh juice’, not that ‘fresh out of the bottle crap! And it was tall, frothy and gooood… Although they did get my fruits mixed up…forgivable.

We were delightfully surprised at the value for money and relaxing family & pet friendly environment.

The view outside isn’t the best, but once ur inside it’s very easy to forget where you are… Very easily does one get lost in culinary pleasures for the senses!


Tastefully yours,




Riverland cafe

[ along the yarra, Melbourne ]

This will be short, much like my negative breakfast experience there…

I shouldve known by the waitress, she had no idea…

The location is just beautiful for a stroll then a sunny lazy breakfast watching the yummy rowers, eating your yummy food- WRONG!!

Not only was the service really bad- I had to ask for cutlery ( she looked at me blankly…) but the most important part, the food, was …. Breaky road kill…

1) Ciabatta???? It was stale…. And flavourless (I can’t believe I tried to eat it)

2) the ‘poached’ egg was in a perfect circular shape, giving me the impression it had been …premade???(I was so confused)
Not only is bad poached egg a crime- it was burnt
Sorry- how the eff do you burn poached egg!!!!!!?????????

3) soggy, droopy, sad spinich

4) little tiny birds that actually attack your food!!!-fly up, flap, steal!! Quite an efficient move really, I commend you! (now please go and die…sorry the only birds I like are the ones wrapped in mushroom & cream& puff pastry…harsh…)

The only ok thing was the pecorino… But it was sooo big it overpowered my ‘death by’ burnt, premade poached egg mess… ( which I guess may just have been a blessing…)

I didnt think I’d be sharing bad breakfast, but this should be known.

Their menu was enticing, but I may as well have eaten that… Wouldve had more flavour!!!!!!

Not so tastefully yours,


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C a f e : 1 1 5

[Main street, mornington]

Soak yourself in friendly, sun-kissed mornington peninsula energy.

Centrally located on main street, this family friendly location provides the right mix of indoor/outdoor space, best of the local service and delicious, hearty breakfasts.

Their French toasts are lusciously soaked in the perfect amount of mapley deliciousness!!!!!

Had the fluffy ricotta pancakes with a decadent serving of rich icecream… I was certainly satisfied for a good portion of the morning.

Yum city!!!!

I always battle between sweet or savoury for breaky, but after reading about that pancake-the decision was clearly made for me!

Tastefully yours,

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C u p c a k e s

Yummo cupcake date with Caz…. See (and taste) the result

A) vanilla cupcake with hundreds and thousand fun party on top

B) apple & cinnamon cupcake/muffins with icing sugar sprinkles

Tastefully yours,

G a l l e o n : c a f e

Tucked in near the carlisle and acland street intersection, is the sweetest yummiest treat for your senses

Tapping into the the real LIFE of st kilda, this place is packed to the rafters with raw artistic energy.

The specials board included an enticing cauliflour and roasted almond soup- which I picked up immediately! I know me! I’m known for turning 120 before I actually am confident with a decision!( but I really wish I could eat alllll of the menu)

The soup was devine!!!! Very garlicy-but I’m a fan so that wasn’t a problem with me. 🙂

Beautifully presented with a dollop of basil pesto and crunchy sweet potatoe chips! And ofcourse there was a toasted carb variety – ‘pide’ for the dipping pleasure.

Patri had the most yummiest salmon and avo bagel. This delight was overflowing with avocado and the smoked fish character!! (you’d think they were growing the stuff out back !!!)

Overall it was relaxed, fam friendly, warm and most importantly had a varied menu with breakfast available all day…

Tastefully yours,

T h e E u r o p e o n

Warm and inviting, hitz and I shared a very intimate and delicous breakfast outing in the midst of busy melbourne city.

Deep delicious decor match the culinary treats. Although it was the middle of summer, this was a perfect ‘wintery’ getaway

Tastefully yours,